Building an Inclusive Work-Place Through HR

A company's human resource department is responsible for managing the employee lifestyle. While this includes the expected tasks of assisting in hiring, recruiting, training, and dismissals, recent surges in DEI initiatives require the modern HR department to take the forefront of both increasing diversity and implementing an inclusive environment in which these workers can succeed. In this blog, we’ll tell you how your company can build a more diverse and inclusive work-place starting with HR.

Increase Awareness of Implicit Bias

There are a number of implicit bias tests that can inform the test-taker of biases for or against certain groups. Taking these tests can help uncover subconscious feelings that will impact your decision making in the hiring and recruiting process. After taking these tests and uncovering your personal biases, it is then essential to implement a strategy on how to counteract these feelings so that they do not affect your decisions while filling a position. Often, being aware of these biases is not enough. You must also be proactive in counteracting them while conducting work-duties.

Use The Available Tools to Achieve and Track Your DEI Initiatives

Achieving and tracking DEI initiatives can be difficult, but but thankfully your HR department doesn’t have to do it alone. Companies such as Diverse Talent exist with the purpose of helping you increase your companies diversity and inclusion. These highly specialized employment agencies are designed to help you reach your goals and ensure that your open positions are filled by qualified diverse candidates that will improve company culture and ensure a diverse set of skills and experience.

This is only half the battle, however. How is one to know that a lack of diversity and inclusion exists in the workplace? Thankfully, we live in the digital age where leaders in diversity and inclusion initiatives have developed online tools to help your HR department uncover some of these issues. Here are two of our favorites:

Pipeline: An online performance management tool that analyzes gender gaps in the workplace and offers suggestions on wage and promotions with the goal of furthering gender equality in the workplace. Using this tool alleviates the stress placed on HR employees in that it can offer clear data that does not operate under the same implicit bias that the human mind is often prone to.

Mesh Diversity: An employee development tool that collects and measures data from the behaviors of the members your work-place and establishes trends that can in-turn be analyzed by your HR department with the goal of achieving a more efficient and diverse office.

We hope that this post has shed some light on how your HR office can lead the way in promoting diverse and inclusive hiring and lifestyle practices. For more information on this topic, sign up to attend our upcoming webinar, The Power of HR in 2021. See you there!

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