Diverse Talent explores what’s going on in the Healthcare industry today:

COVID-19 has made a huge impact in our professional world in the past few months. While most industries are navigating their way around the mandatory social distancing regulations, one industry that is experiencing an influx of business is the healthcare industry. Healthcare officials are working tirelessly day in and day out, with coronavirus cases taking up most of their facility, while also having

to treat their day to day patients, it’s amazing the work they’ve done! But what’s life really like for the healthcare officials, and what can they, and we, expect from a post-coronavirus world?

It’s no secret that costs in treating and dealing with the virus can be astronomical. Officials have calculated that COVID-19 will cost hospitals $200 billion dollars from the months of March through June, and those numbers are likely to keep climbing. Because of social distance mandations around the globe and despite the growing number in COVID cases, the healthcare industry is suffering a historic collapse in business. Elective surgeries are being postponed, dentist offices are closed, physician’s offices are denying hundreds of regular patients, etc. A rebound is inevitable, however it is expected to be a slow, longing recovery process.

The coronavirus physically has attacked 1.2 million people in the United States alone, however, have you ever stopped to consider how else the virus is affecting our country, our world even? Experts say, after COVID-19 is defeated, the next battle Healthcare workers will have to fight is the mental health battle. A pandemic of mental illness will follow COVID-19. There is said to be an expected increase in mental health and addiction crises following the coronavirus. Formal general surgeon Dr. Satcher is calling for a necessary government task force dealing with corona-based trauma, as mandatory social isolation for long periods of time can deteriorate a mentally unstable individual, or an individual struggling with addiction. Although many leaders of narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous have switched to virtual sessions, the frustration of limited resources these leaders and mentors are able to provide is rising. The substance abuse and mental helpline is free and always open, at 1-800-663-HELP.

So what’s next you may ask? Many believe the world may never experience “normal” again. The hiring process during and following the virus is very different than how it was. Virtual recruiting and interviewing through apps like zoom and skype is being utilized as the primary source of networking, and will continue to be the source for recruiting, career fairs for college students, etc., in a post-corona world. Many companies have pulled back on global advertising, focusing more on the idea of hiring within. School nurses who are out of work are being recruited to hospitals in need of extra help, restaurant industry workers are also in high demand for hospitals at the moment because of the virus. Global advertising will begin again, but not immediately following the decline of coronavirus, as adjustments will continue to be made. 

The future is undefined and wary, but there are always resources for anyone feeling trapped or worrisome. Be sure to thank your healthcare workers and continue to stay safe in these trying times.

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