How to Plan Your Inclusive Virtual Holiday Party in 2020

In last week’s post, we gave you three ways to increase your workplace inclusivity and embrace diversity over the holiday season, so for this week it's only right we continue on the winter season theme by giving you a playbook on how you can throw the best inclusive holiday party possible this year. Of course, due to the ongoing pandemic, holiday parties will look much different than they did last year, so now, like many things in the work-place, there is a need to get creative and offer new ideas as we’re venturing into unknown waters. Don’t worry though. We’re more than happy to help get your creative juices flowing and hopefully this post can be a source of inspiration for any upcoming events you have planned.

Know Your Workers

Because this event should be a way of celebrating the hard work done by employees over the year, it should be tailored with them in mind. For example, it’s impossible to say whether or not things like alcohol should be permitted unless you understand how your team operates. Although this is just one small example there are limitless applications of how knowing your workers can help in throwing team-building exercises or planning events. The best way to address the decisions you make for your party is by actively engaging with workers to decide how it should look. Make sure to send out a questionnaire about the party and even be prepared for workers to reject the idea of a party for personal reasons. No matter what, remember it’s for them!

Go For Neutrality

Pulling symbols from as many holidays as possible in your party’s theme seems like a great idea on paper, but it can also to lead to leaving certain holidays out of your event. For this reason, it is often best to leave your party as neutral as possible. Rather than having a menorah and a Christmas tree, opt for snowflakes, snowmen, and winter themes. Even better, come up with your own non-seasonal theme. We’re sure that some of your employees would welcome a beach theme to escape the freezing cold, even if just virtually. Choosing an alternative theme should be up to the workers though. Gauge how they feel!

Volunteer as a team

While games and songs are crucial to any holiday party, it could also be rewarding to have your office volunteer together. While this is difficult with Covid, there are several opportunities to volunteer at home, one of which being writing holiday letters to those who are isolated for one reason or another. This website provides dozens of opportunities to help others over the holiday season. While volunteering doesn’t have to be the main course of your holiday party, it should definitely be worth considering as a portion of it.

These tips should help you put together the ideal holiday party for your fellow workers, but its important to remember that the work isn’t done after the party concludes. Like we said, Knowing your workers is key, so a productive way to follow up on the party is an email thanking everyone for attending with an anonymous survey attached where workers can give thoughts and any potential criticisms of the event. When trying to achieve inclusivity and diversity, failure is sometimes inevitable. Instead of trying to avoid it, learn from your mistakes and focus on how you can do things differently in the future.

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