The Importance of Branding Yourself in Today’s Professional World:

Contrary to popular belief, personal branding is just as important as business branding. In essence, your personal brand is incredibly similar to a business’ brand. The only difference? Businesses are marketing their products, you are marketing…YOU.

When you Google your name, it is important that relevant information pops up. This includes your social networking accounts, websites, articles you’ve written or commented on, etc. This creates a match of name to face. It builds your personability, while also getting your professional name out there.

You get what you give. In branding and marketing terms, this is extremely important to remember. Essentially, you’ll receive what you put out there. Articles on the topic of industry you’re interested in entering is important. Including skill sets, previous experience, and those types of information is imperative, however, it is also helpful to include your hobbies, interests, things you’re most proud of, etc. These can be silent dictators and qualifications to some employers.

Developing a strong personal brand has proven to have many upsides in terms of getting your foot in the door for your next career opportunity. Speaking engagements, networking opportunities, promotions, partnerships, and a next level of trust and intimacy can all come from developing and managing a strong personal brand.

If you’re interested in where to begin with the development or construction of your personal brand, please join us in registering for our webinar this Thursday, July 30th, with executives from Toyota and Facebook, to hear their expert advice and insight on beginning the process. You can also reach out to us via our website or by emailing directly. Stay safe, healthy, and get yourself out there! (Virtually of course).

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