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We emphasize the quality of candidates, not the quantity 

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LEt's Get Started

First, tell us how we can assist with a new opportunity or a candidate search.

Candidates and Clients can go to the application section of our website to upload their resume and/or tell us more about why they need our services!

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Our network consists of top individuals in the STEM, Legal, Medical and Executive Industries. 

We also expand our network by marketing our services through webinars, collaboration on events, and more.

We connect with our network to help you find the right match.

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Get hired

We want to exhaust all possible options in the hiring process, utilizing job boards, conducting pre-screenings with all candidates, receiving introduction video from candidates, meeting with companies to understand their culture, and much more.

Our process provides the candidate and the employer with ongoing support in building a lasting relationship.

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Diverse Talent Builds

An Organizations Culture

The 21st Century requires corporations to leverage diversity,  

We are committed to

             presenting and engaging                      candidates in a manner that             speaks to an organizations mission to        reflect our country's demographics




A Proven Method with Impactful Results

Our Affiliates 

A client-focused law firm dedicated to defending companies in employment and commercial litigation, and advising businesses on best practices and procedures to ensure compliance with federal and state laws affecting employers.


A non-for-profit organization focusing on providing relevant diversity training, tangible community networks, and a pipeline of diverse talent, to enhance your organizations goals.