Diverse Talent is committed to sourcing qualified candidates with necessary skills and matches them to corporate need.

Diverse Talent, LLC (“Diverse Talent”) utilizes the combined 60 years of corporate leadership and diversity consulting, human resources and employment defense litigation experiences from its owners Michelle and Stacey Campbell to source, recruit, and match diverse talent with corporations seeking to advance diversity and inclusion within their organizations for the long term.

Greer Gumbrecht

Communications & Account Manager

Greer brings expertise in sourcing candidates and builds long standing relationships that meet the needs of both the candidate and the corporate client. Her ability to assist a candidate in preparing for their next career in life has resulted in meaningful experiences. 


Austin Campbell

Finances & Account Manager

Austin provides a platform for candidates to navigate their strengths while assessing their next career choice. He brings insight and strategy in understanding the corporates request, while carefully selecting the ideal candidate.


Nikki Wilkens 

Operations & Account Manager

Nikki handles the behind the scenes of the office, assisting efficiently opening new files to comply with office requirements, managing the computer support, assisting with marketing and business development, managing community involvement, and handling client billing inquiries.

Alexandra Berger

Senior Account Manager

Alexandra, brings several years of candidate and client management to our team. Her attention to recruiting and hiring processes allows her to best develop new corporate client relationships, while understanding the clients goal and the organization's culture when choosing the perfect fit for both parties. 

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